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NEW HOLLAND White Net Netwrap

NEW HOLLAND White Net Netwrap

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New Holland White net is a cost-effective crop baling product, enabling farmers to enjoy good baling results:

  • Guaranteed length – Every roll manufactured contains the GUARANTEED stated length, not simply a “plus-or-minus” average
  • Left / Right indication with red stripes to aid correct roll loading and help with bale un-rolling when feeding
  • 10% Stronger than standard netwrap
  • Roll carry handles – for easier handling of rolls
  • UV protection
  • Red End warning
CASE Meshwrap NetwrapRolls / Pallet
48 x 9,84016
48 x 11,80016
51 x 9,84016
51 x 11,80016
64 x 7,00012
64 x 8,80012
67 x 7,00012
67 x 8,00012