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When baling, you don’t usually have the luxury of time. There are dozens of other jobs to do at harvest and the possibility of bad weather is never far away. You want to bale crops as soon as conditions are right, so you need a dependable baler and wrap combination that always finishes the job.
ARMOUR NET™ netwrap is specifically designed for efficient baling and a more robust bale. Bale with confidence, knowing you’re making more high-value bales, more efficiently.

  • Bale+ technology for a lighter and stronger netwrap
  • More bales with longer rolls
  • Roll end warning stripe means you immediately know when to change rolls
  • Unique color block marking system to distinguish left from right for fast changeovers
  • Edge-to-Edge® technology ensures wrap maintains its full width as it feeds onto the bale
  • Stays strong even when wrapping dense, highly compressed crops
  • Custom design prevents weakening by baler mechanism
  • Edge-to-Edge bale coverage prevents losses during handling
  • Crops remain fully secured until use
  • Unique color block pattern shows unroll direction to help end users
CASE IH ARMOUR NET™ NetwrapRolls / PalletColor
48 x 14,70016White
51 x 12,50016White
64 x 9,70012White
67 x 9,00012White
48 x 9,84016White
51 x 9,84016White
64 x 7,00012White
67 x 7,00012White