bridon MAX™ Series

bridon MAX™ Series

Maximum ✩✩✩✩✩

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  • 10% Stronger than premium netwrap
  • No broken bales
  • Less downtime


  • Consistent performance
  • Every bale perfect
  • Remove the uncertainty from your baling

Length choice

  • Guaranteed length – Every roll manufactured contains the GUARANTEED stated length, not simply a “plus-or-minus” average Allow you, the customer, to select the right product for your needs
  • Longer roll length provides better cost per bale
  • Less waste with longer roll length (Up to 40% waste saving)

NEW Technology

  • Improved special material mix
  • Block color system – Asymmetrical striping to aid correct roll loading

Universal Performance

  • Tested to ensure total performance in all round balers
  • Designed to work in all crop conditions

Available in white and green.

bridon MAX™ Series Net WrapRolls / Pallet
48 x 14,70012
51 x 12,50012
64 x 9,70016
67 x 9,00016