BridonMAX™ – Maximum Productivity

BridonMAX™ – Maximum Productivity

BridonMAX™ offers maximum baling productivity for customers who demand the toughest, maximum designed twine in the industry, guaranteed and American-made for more than 40 years.

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BridonMAX™ is tested and guaranteed to exceed declared strengths and lengths – outperforming the competition. This means less down-time for changeovers and twine breaks.
BridonHD™ is High Density twine with tested length that beat the competition and provides maximum strength, shock resistance, and UV protection.
BridonMONO™ is Monofilament twine with tested lengths that beat the competition and provides maximum strength, shock resistance, and UV protection.

“We have been selling Bridon twine products for over 35 years! It has is consistently the best twine on the market. They give both our dealership and our customers 100% support and we believe this is the best offering for our customers.”      
— Rodney Evangelho, Evangelho Seed & Farm Store, Leemoore, CA  


“In a market where some people think twine is nothing but a commodity, Bridon continues to show that there truly is a difference. Not only do they produce top quality American made products, but they provide excellent customer service, not only to my dealership as their customer, but they go that extra step by providing service to my customers as well.”        
— Brian Cowley, Cowley D & L


“Bridon is superior to the competition in all aspects of the business from both their agricultural and commercial products. They are a great business partner!”
 — Tony Weatherred, Stanislaus Farm Supply

Knot Strength ExceedsBales Per Pallet
9,000' Boxed13050
9,000' Single Spool13060
7,200' Boxed17050
9,600' Boxed17040
7,200' Single Spool19060
9,600' Boxed21040
Knot Strength ExceedsBaler Per Pallet
5,000' Single Spool*21080
6,500' Single Spool*21048
6,500' Single Spool*24048
8,500' Stampede® SS*24548
7,400' Single Spool*25048
7,000' Single Spool*28048
9,400' Showdown® SS*3-tie48
Knot Strength ExceedsBales per Pallet
4,000' Single Spool35048
4,850' Single Spool35048
4,000' Single Spool40048
4,750' Single Spool40048
4,000' Single Spool44048
4,000' Single Spool45048
4,000' Single Spool50048
* Box available upon request.
Knot Strength ExceedsCartons/Pallet
6,200' Endurance® SS †35048
5,830' Endurance® SS †40048
5,050' Endurance® SS †45048
Endurance® spool height: 14"
Tensile Strength ExceedsBales Per Pallet
20,000' Ultima® Boxed11050
20,000' Ultima® SS*11080
20,000' Eclipse® Boxed ‡11080
28,000' Ultima® Boxed11050
40,000' Ultima® Banded11040
20,000' Ultima® Boxed13050
20,000' Ultima® Boxed15050
Eclipse® is designed to degrade when exposed to sunlight.

Bales Per Pallet
3,500' Single Spool70048

Bales per Pallet
20,000' Sidewinder™ SS11080
20,000' Sidewinder™ Boxed11050
20,000' TNT® Boxed13050
28,000' TNT®+ Boxed13040
20,000' Stinger™ Boxed14050