Bridon MAX Impax® technology inside

Bridon MAX Impax® technology inside

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Bridon USA is proud to introduce Impax®: a new patented baler twine technology which provides a new baling experience.
Baler twine with Impax® technology tackles all of the end user pain points and guarantees peace of mind.

USA Flag Icon Bridon MAX with Impax technology inside is proudly produced in the USA


IMPAX® Technology benefits:

  • Knot Protection – Peace of mind.
  • Unmatched Baler Output – Less downtime.
  • Superior Knotting Performance – More bales per hour.
  • Recyclable & Sustainable – Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Less Wear & Tear – Major savings.
Bridon MAX Impax SKUs
ProductSpool weight (lbs)ColorBales per palletSpool maximum height (’’)Spool maximum diameter (’’)
3700/800 UHD 26.9Blue3614.312.2
4160/700 HD 24.2Blue, Violet4814.111.4
4650/700 HD ENDURANCE27.5Blue, Pink3614.312.2
4700/600 HD 24.2Blue, Violet4814.111.4
5140/600 HD ENDURANCE27.5Blue, Violet3614.312.2
4450/440 21.8Blue, Violet4812.611.4
5700/440 ENDURANCE27.5Blue, Violet3614.312.2
4870/400 21.8Blue, Violet4812.611.4
6200/400 ENDURANCE27.5Blue, Violet3614.312.2