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During the baling season there are so many things to worry about, so when the conditions are right you just want to get in your tractor and bale as much as you can. To do so, you need a reliable baler and netwrap, which are also custom made to work together perfectly.

ARMOUR NET™ netwrap is the ultimate solution for non-stop baling and strong, firm bales. It allows you to bale with confidence, knowing you’re making more high-value bales, more efficiently.

  • Stronger and lighter netwrap with Bale+ technology
  • Longer rolls for many more bales
  • Roll end warning stripe gives you clear indication when it’s time to change the roll
  • Striping pattern across the width of the net allows a very clear ‘left / right’ identification when loading or unrolling the net
  • The netwrap maintain its full width thanks to Edge-to-Edge® technology
  • Remains secure even with extra dense and compressed bales
  • Perfectly adjusted to avoid strength reduction caused by baler mechanism
  • Edge-to-Edge coverage gives the ultimate protection during handling
CASE ARMOUR NET™ NetwrapRolls / PalletColor
48 x 14,70016White
51 x 12,50016White
64 x 9,70012White
67 x 9,00012White
48 x 9,84016White
51 x 9,84016White
64 x 7,00012White
67 x 7,00012White