The Bridon USA company was founded in 1975 as an innovator in plastic agricultural baling twine. Continuous improvement, and a strong dealer network made Bridon the number one name for quality agricultural twine and world-class netwrap.
To this day, all Bridon USA products are manufactured in the USA and around the world using industry leading technology. Bridon HD & large-square twines are manufactured in our Jerome Idaho facility, for superior performance in North American balers & conditions.
Bridon USA is headquartered in Dubuque Iowa, preserving their commitment to keeping customer service and technical support local and invest in their community and country.

Broad Product Line

Whatever you are baling, chances are there’s a Bridon product to fit your needs. From our high-performance MAX line of twine and netwrap, to biodegradable sisal twine, to twine for high-density balers, to slit film twine for round balers.

Promises kept

Bridon continues to invest in new products and great product support.

$4 Million

That’s what Bridon invested in recent years at the Jerome, Idaho factory; delivering improved manufacturing processes, and enhanced quality control and logistics.

Improved quality

The recent enhancements at the Jerome factory means better and more consistent quality, and improved product performance.

Quality assurance

Bridon quality checks every pallet of twine! Bridon products must meet technical specifications for strength, length, UV protection, color and packaging.

Field testing

Quality control continues into the field with periodic tests of twine and netwrap strength on the bale, in “real-life” storage.

Local dealers

Most Bridon twine and netwrap is marketed through local dealers who understand local challenges. With Bridon you get true local support.

Customer support

Backing up your local dealer is Bridon customer support. Reach the Bridon customer support staff at 800.835.3255.