Summer 2023 Customer Case Study

During the peak of baling season, a farmer encountered a critical issue with their baler – it started breaking strings unexpectedly, jeopardizing their entire operation. Faced with this challenge, the farmer turned to Bridon twine, trusting in its reputation for reliability.

The farmer’s baler malfunction threatened to derail their baling efforts, putting their harvest at risk. Despite their frustration, they sought a solution that would allow them to resume baling quickly and efficiently.

Recalling the Bridon brochure containing contact information for Bridon Support, the farmer reached out for assistance. Within moments, they were connected with a Bridon representative who promptly assessed the situation.

The Bridon team swiftly mobilized, leveraging their technical expertise to diagnose the issue. A Bridon Technical Manager conducted a thorough analysis and proposed a solution to address the baler’s string-breaking problem.

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With guidance from the Bridon Technical Manager, the farmer implemented the recommended adjustments to their baler. Through a series of test bales, they confirmed that the issue had been resolved, and their baler was back in working order.

Thanks to Bridon Support’s timely intervention and expert guidance, the farmer successfully overcame the baling crisis. They were able to resume their operations with confidence, ensuring that their harvest was completed without further disruption.

This case exemplifies Bridon’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction through its Bridon Support program. By providing prompt and effective technical assistance, Bridon ensures that farmers can rely on their products to deliver optimal performance, even in challenging circumstances.

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