How to Judge the Quality of a Round Bale: Insights from Bridon USA

How to Judge the Quality of a Round Bale: Insights from Bridon USA

High-quality bales are essential for maximizing the profitability of your agricultural operations. Producing the best silage begins with creating the perfect bale, which hinges on using a net that not only withstands dense packing but also ensures complete coverage. Here are three critical reasons why full bale coverage is paramount:

  1. Dual Purpose: Bedding and Cattle Feed

Round bales primarily serve two purposes: dry bedding and high-value cattle feed. It’s clear that dry straw is crucial for quality bedding, so complete and robust coverage is vital. Silage bales, however, demand even more attention and care. Optimal silage quality starts with eliminating air from the bale before wrapping it and maintaining this vacuum state. Dense, often chopped forage yields the best fermentation environment. However, chopped forage also requires a strong net to preserve the bale’s integrity, as shorter crops tend to create less stable bales during the binding process.

  1. Avoiding Bale ‘Shoulders’

Preventing the formation of bale ‘shoulders’ is critical for producing high-quality silage. If the net fails to cover the edges, valuable forage can quickly go to waste. Bales with poorly shaped or rounded edges trap air when wrapped, leading to compromised fermentation. Exposed stalks in the bale edges are more likely to puncture the wrapping film, introducing more air and fostering mold growth. This deterioration in forage quality directly affects the feed value, thereby impacting milk yield per ton of crop fed.

  1. Maintaining Uniform Bale Profiles

Exposed bale edges create uneven profiles that prevent the wrapping film laying flat. This results in small pockets that collect water, which eventually seeps between the film layers, separating them and allowing air to infiltrate. Over time, this air exposure further degrades the forage quality. Uniform coverage ensures that the film layers stick together properly, preserving the bale’s integrity.

All major baler Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) recognize the significance of a well-covered bale for enhancing forage quality during wrapping and storage. This understanding is why leading baler OEMs recommend Armour Net Netwrap for creating the ideal bale. Known for its distinctive striped pattern, Armour Net is one of the strongest nets available, uniquely designed to provide complete edge-to-edge coverage, giving your forage the best start for conservation.

By using Bridon USA’s premium netwrap solutions, you ensure that your bales maintain their quality and value, thereby supporting the efficiency and profitability of your farming operations. For more information on our innovative products and how they can benefit your agricultural practices, visit our website or contact our customer support team.

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